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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Keys to Credibility and Objectivity (Intonation and Inflection)

In delivering news reports, Ted Failon emphasizes key words on specific news by using rising intonation. This could be because he wants to capture the attention of the viewers and listeners. This is an excerpt from the material where he used rising intonation on specific words. These words are important terms of the news article that’s why they are needed to be stressed.

“Mahigpit na minomonitor ngayon ng mga coast guards ang karagatan ng Limay, Bataan. Nadiskubre na intact pa rin o hindi pa tumatagas ang liquefied petroleum gas at gasoline mula sa lumubog na dalawang tanker doon. At dahil mapanganib ito, may panawagan ang local na pamahalaan. At live mula sa Limay, Bataan, nagpapatrol si Ron Gagalac, Ron...” In this part, he raised his intonation in the place Bataan, in the words gas, pamahalaan and live.

Ted Failon’s intonational pattern enables the program’s audience to fully comprehend the content of the news. It aids us physically and mentally -- Physically, because we hear the words and utterances clearly; and mentally, because we understand the message. Here’s another excerpt from the material. This time, Ted Failon used upward inflection more often on the conjunctions like kasi, kung and the noun, crew. This is to emphasize the emotional state of the fishermen because of the calamity brought about by the recklessness of the cargo vessel crew.

“Maraming Salamat, Ron Gagalac. Samantala, nais papanagutin ng mga mangingisda ang may-ari ng cargo vessel na nakabangga sa kanilang mga bangka noong kasgsagan ng bagyong Basyang. Naiwasan daw kasi sana ang trahedya kung naging alerto ang crew ng mga barko. At live mula sa Mariveles, Bataan nagpapatrol, Ryan Chua, Ryan...”

On the other hand, 24 Oras’ Mike Enriquez deliver news report by being monotonous on the beginning and middle part of the sentence, and by using upward inflection on the last part. He does this style, maybe because he wants to be known for his unique voice in reporting. His pitch change occurs at the end of the sentence. So far, no other reporters speak like he does. Here’s an excerpt where he raised his tone on the “-TE” part of Cavite.

“Ayon naman sa Petron, kontrolado na ang OIL spill, at patuloy silang gumagawa ng paraan para tuluyan ng matapalan ang tagas. Nakatutok si Jun Veneracion, Live mula sa Cavite, Jun.”

It is very noticeable that Mike Enriquez plays with his intonation all the time. He says one word in a way that is not done by normal speakers. This creates an impression that is mostly negative on Mike’s part. People focus more on his voice rather than his report. Here’s an excerpt where he used upward inflection the “-TOK” part of “Nakatutok”, and where he played with his intonation on the word “Lalawigan.”

“Samantala, puspusan ang salvaging operation sa Mariveles, Bataan. Merong sumadsad na barko doon. Meron ding malaking barge na nakabangga sa ilang mga Bangkang pangisda noong kasagsagan ng Bagyong Basyang. Msangsang na amoy ang isa sa mga kalaban ng mga tauhan ng coast guard. Nakatutok si Raffy Time Live mula sa LalawiGan ng Bataan.. Raffy.”

Between the two anchors, Ted Failon is more objective in reporting news. When he speaks, an audience wouldn’t feel even a hint of emotion. He just delivered news straight and passive. While on Mike Enriquez’ way of reporting, you would know that he is in favor on news or not by the way he stresses some ideas. His voice becomes the focal point of the news report and not the content itself.

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