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I'll let you in a little revelation about my favorite usernames in my virtual sites. First is about my Mikimoto Angel pen name. Mikimoto is a famous brand of pearl accessories in America. I first saw that brand in Vogue Magazine. I got mesmerized by that label, and I thought of using it. I just added Angel from my name "Angela". Thus, the formation of Mikimoto Angel.

For my other pen name Mystic Nymph, the word mystic really came from the show Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. I used to be so hooked to that show. I am also obsessed with mythologies, and nymphs are mythical creatures depicted as beautiful young women who are considered as guardians of objects and places in nature. Thus, the evolution of Mystic Nymph.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Communication Act which interests me the most

I am interested in the the communication act called intrapersonal. According to Wikipedia, intrapersonal communication is language use or thought internal to the communicator. Intrapersonal communication is the active internal involvement of the individual in symbolic processing of messages. The individual becomes his or her own sender and receiver, providing feedback to him or herself in an ongoing internal process. It can be useful to envision intrapersonal communication occurring in the mind of the individual in a model which contains a sender, receiver, and feedback loop.

I could say that I am interested with this kind of communication because I for one is an intrapersonal kind of person. I don't really speak out everything that I have in mind because of some reasons concerning my feelings towards others.I just keep everything in secret.

One example of this act is when there is an ongoing debate for the whole class. Some students might as well raise their hands and air out their opinion. But since there are some who do not blend with the crowd, they would just sit and be silent. But actually, they have been arguing with the issue within themselves. It's just that they don't feel like expressing everything in front of many people.

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